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Shital Subedi
Advocate for the development of people and the nation!

Notary Public Translator

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You have come to the right place if you are searching for a development lawyer in Nepal

My areas of interests and specialities are as below:
  * Contracts and Procurement management
  * Employment and Labor Relations
  * Establishment, operation and management of for-profit and not-for-profit institutions
  * Gender justice related issues
  * Immigration laws (visa, passport, work permit)
  * Mediation and Arbitration
  * Project development, negotiation and compliance management
  * Public Relations & communication management
  * Translations of documents from English to Nepali and v.v.
  * Taxation

Sometimes, I write articles on laws and legal practices. They are either in English or Nepali languages.

Some articles published in various media are as below:
 1) Social Security in Nepal
 2) Labour Audit
 3) Labour Act of Nepal an analysis

Please keep on watching. I may upload articles from time to time!

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 Nepal Business Directory:Advocate Shital Subedi on Nepal Business Directory
 Nepal Bar Council Listing Directory:License No:14484

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